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It can be overwhelming to consider the possibility of counselling and psychotherapy. We often like to think that we should be able to manage our emotional and psychological life by ourselves. I feel it is important to realize that to consider starting therapy is a sign of health; even though we might be feeling very unwell. There is a part in all of us that can be strong enough to voice a need for a help to become who we can truly be.

Psychological support can help you in several situations:


        Anxiety           Stress              Panic attacks               Loss  

      Chronic or severe physical illness              Relationship difficulties          Bullying          Bereavement            Low self esteem    Depression         Professional difficulties        Family Problems      Emotional  Well being               Meaning            Abuse and violence  

             Difficulties in adapting to a new reality 

And others

I offer short term counselling and long term psychotherapy.

The sessions are made in person, by phone or online.



The next steps


Before embarking on regular therapy sessions, I make an initial consultation.

All sessions held are confidential.


This first consultation is a conversation to answer any of your questions and to think about how we can work together. We talk about how I work, what you want from therapy and consider whether we should move forward with the process.


It is important that the customer feels safe, respected and validated in the needs that have been presented.

After the first consultation, subsequent therapy sessions are organized, usually at the same time and day of the week.

If you are dealing with an illness that limits your life and you have difficulty leaving home, I can offer you sessions in your own home.

In the case of families dealing with a serious illness, the sessions with family participation last 90 minutes.


Book a session here.

A 48 hour cancellation policy apply. However, whenever possible, I am able to offer a different fit. 


I am fully qualified, registered and insured to practice psychotherapy in the UK. I am a British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy registered member (MBACP), a British Psychological Society member (MBPsS).


I look forward to hearing from you.

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