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There are many opportunities for us to gather and share about various subjects and explore them with self-awareness, honesty and compassion.

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Free Knitting Circle

An opportunity for a gathering experiencing mindful knitting using poetry as an inspiration.

Friday, 3rd of November

6:30pm at Kensington Therapy Rooms

2-4 Kenway Road


Very close to Earl Court's station


Send an email to register and receive more information about the day.


Therapeutic Conversations

Conversations about losses, deaths and grief.

There are moments when we don't want to talk about our pains whereas there is a need to share thoughts and feelings related to grief and to feel more ok with ourselves in this process.

For some grief is a lonely time, whereas for others who are working in health care during the pandemic, it has been exhausting physically and emotionally, there are others still who had to totally change their lives. 

Join us in a conversation once a month starting in October.


Tuning our vital compass for wintering times

Winter can be a challenging station for so many different reasons. There are some moments in life when we know it is important to tend to ourselves and make space for being in the dark in less discomfort. This is a workshop focused on embracing winter and making time to reconnect and tune in with our inner world as well as tune in with the world around us in a more meaningful way.

We will explore about the meaning of cycles and self-compassion through reflections, poetry, creativity and mindfulness. 

Sunday, the 19th of November

From 9am to 12pm

Sands End Arts & Community Center, South Park

Peterborough Road, Fulham



£40 single ticket

£30 bring a friend ticket

£20 solidarity ticket

Limited spaces available

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