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There are many opportunities for us to gather and share about the various subjects Vital Kompass wants to explore. Due to the pandemic we will have activities online and in parks in London.


Free Knitting Circle

We are hoping for a nice weather! Come join us to knit at the park and participate in a mindful knitting circle.

We have been doing our best to cope with pandemic, lockdowns, losses...sometimes it can be overwhelming.

This is an opportunity for a social gathering, being creative and exercising mindfulness. 

18th of July

From 11 am to 12:30pm

Eel Brook Common


Therapeutic Conversations

Conversations about losses, deaths and grief.

There are moments when we don't want to talk about our pains whereas there is a need to share thoughts and feelings related to grief and to feel more ok with ourselves in this process.

For some grief is a lonely time, whereas for others who are working in health care during the pandemic, it has been exhausting physically and emotionally, there are others still who had to totally change their lives. 

Join us in a compassive conversation.


Dates soon.

Tuning our vital compass

The very first Vital Kompass workshop will be back!

Dates soon.

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